Video Conferencing: The Upsides and the Downsides

Video conferencing is a kind of technology which has put a spark in the world of companies, businesses and organizations worldwide. With this kind of innovation in the field of communication, many organizations have made it possible to save much on travel expenses. Yes, that’s right. With videoconferencing businesses can now have a good alternative to travels and trips

If you think that establishing this kind of technology in your business environment is something that can perk up your business operations then it is important to acquaint yourself with the upsides and downsides of this kind of technology.

The Upsides

There are various upsides or advantages that will surely convince you to make use of videoconferencing technology in the day to day operations of your business:

  • Money-saving and Convenience. If you are going to meet someone and make important transactions and negotiations then you can just turn on your videoconferencing and you are good to go. What is really interesting is that through this kind of technological advancement, you can have the chance to save money and effort at the same time.
  • More Engaging. Compared to voice communication or telephone calls, videoconferencing is significantly richer and more engaging. It allows you to see the facial and body expressions of the other party, allowing you to adjust your business pitch in the process.
  • Can be used in different sectors and industries. The advantage videoconferencing is that it can be used by many different kinds of industries and sectors. Today small, medium and large businesses take their time to use this technology to save much on travel expenses.

The Downsides

The following are some of the downsides that may want you to turn your back on this kind of technology:

  • Video is known to require more data transfer compared to voice data packages, this makes videoconferencing more prone and susceptible to distortions, interruptions and delays even when you are using high-grade equipment.
  • Equipment Costs. Physical equipment that is required to put up a video conferencing facility in your business can be very expensive. In addition, you need to add to your expenses the need to find and establish a fast internet connection to achieve clear communication in the process. With this kind of technology, there is a need for you to invest on the following so as to realize a good and standard videoconferencing facility: computer hardware, earpieces, microphones and a reliable and high-speed internet connection.